Monday, April 24, 2017

I suddenly feel older.

My youngest Granddaughter
just announced her


River said...

Congratulations to her and you too for having such a gorgeous family. She is stunning.

Elephant's Child said...

River is right. You do have a truly beautiful family. Congratulations to the bride to be.

Annie ODyne said...

oh she is lovely and so is that photo which must have been taken by her affianced?
and she looks like Euan and you of course.
I hope it is all good always.

JahTeh said...

This was a photo taken by the hairdresser for publicity.
Didn't think to ask what the fiance does for a living. Too much of a shock to have her tell me about the engagement instead of crawling round FB looking for snippets.
She's very happy and not so unhappy about being locked out of the USA because of no Green Card to work.
That makes me happy.
Fiance likes big shiny motorbikes, that's a worry.

Belva said...

A beautiful female and a celebration to womanhood. Congratulations to her engagement.
I love the way the photographer put together the elements of country living with her barefoot
in that gorgeous white dress and the contrast of the red flowers. The paint peeled shed with the
slightly rusted roof suggests the toll of every day life along side this glorious young beauty.

You are a lucky grandmother.