Saturday, April 22, 2017

Why bother?

This is Ashley James and she's wearing a  Bluebella emerson bra.  At least she's not wearing a Bluebella emerson thong, painful.  Coming from someone who should register her boobs as lethal weapons, I really shouldn't throw tits at tits but these look so uncomfortable I just had to speak up.
I know feminists are supposed to support women in anything they choose to do and wear and if Ashley wants to tie herself in triangles, good for her.   All I can see is me tying myself in knots trying to figure out what string goes where and what part will it support.  

This is when I thought of men wearing this, they'd only have to wear half of the Bluebella emerson but wait for a moment and it will blow your mind, yes, you've got it. Their anatomy means two bits will fall out and one bit will be strangled. A fitting revenge for the comfort of their boxer boy legs they didn't think we should wear.  

Is that a little garbled?  Well I haven't had any coffee and I'm going to see mother and I can't find any knickers which is why Ashley got right up my nose.  I am wearing underwire bras but one wire has gone missing so slightly lopsided until I yoiked up the strap and I am now even.  I need coffee.


Elephant's Child said...

That looks incredibly uncomfortable. I don't like the 'line' it creates either. Her decision, but I won't be rushing out to follow suit. For which I suspect everyone close to me is grateful.
Good luck with the mother visit.

River said...

I don't think that bra supports anything. If I hold my arms above my head, my boobs get lifted too. I'd like to think that when she lowers her arms, that so-called bra will be as useless as it looks in regards to support.
I remember losing an underwire, to avoid being lopsided, I pulled out the other wire too.
I hope Mother is in a good mood today and not in any way unwell or uncomfortable, so your visit can be pleasant for a change.

JahTeh said...

El Chi, I suspect the silicone would do the heavy lifting. And don't mention the mother.

River, don't mention the mother. I hope you recycled the wires, they make great ivy trainers in terracotta pots.

Dead Eye said...

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Panharith said...

I suspect everyone close to me is grateful.

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